How to Experience Carefree Winter Holidays in Croatia?

Winter is knocking on the door, with the first batch of snow for the season. If that’s something that makes you happy, you’re probably making your winter vacation plans right now. You’re reading this, which means only the one thing – you are into winter holidays in Croatia this year. Well, congrats! You won’t be disappointed. Continue reading

Everything you need to know about transportation in Croatia

Croatia is a small country. But for a small country, it has a variety of landscapes.  Going from east to west landscape changes from lowlands to hilly and mountainous and finally the coastline. This means the transportation in Croatia  depends on which part of the country you are in. By bus The bus system in Croatia is Continue reading

How to spend an awesome Autumn in Croatia

Did you know that Croatia is not all about the sea? We sure are proud of the blue beauty called the Adriatic sea. Who wouldn’t be? But, Autumn in Croatia also has lots to offer for tourists. I am talking here about spending a really wonderful time in Croatia during Autumn.

Daily trips: Blue Cave, Biševo

Blue Cave or Blue Grotto is a natural treasure located on the island of Biševo, near the island of Vis. The cave is famous for its silvery-blue color, created by light refraction of sunlight entering through a crack in the stone. Needless to say, it leaves nobody indifferent. It wasn’t until recently that the cave Continue reading

Summer in the city – Split

Ok, so Split is one of those cities that is crowded with tourists every summer. Thousands and thousands of them each day. But most of them visit Split just as a transit station. They go to the islands and they rarely stop to see Split a bit better. That’s why this summer take a closer Continue reading

How to flirt in Croatia: summertime guide

You came to Croatia for a vacation. You’ve probably heard that there are lots of pretty women and handsome men here. And you heard right. And the best time to fall in love is summer. Croatians are usually very friendly and open. But starting a conversation with them, especially with the girls, could be quite Continue reading

Summer in the city – Rijeka

Although the name ‘Rijeka’ means ‘River’, Rijeka is actually a city on the sea. And it’s especially vivid during the summer. Summer on Gradina is starting on July 8 and lasts all the way till September 1. It is an event that revives the magical space of Trsat Castle, and the ceremonial will open with Continue reading

Summer in the city – Zagreb

Summer is usually the first stop of everyone heading down to the coast during the summertime. And they all can’t wait to get to the seaside. But don’t discard Zagreb just yet. There is plenty to see here during the summer. You see, one of the perks of being in Zagreb when the weather is Continue reading

Taking Roamfree Ninja to the Birthplace of Tesla

As well as being the birthplace of RoamFree Ninja, your best WiFi solution while visiting, Croatia is of course the place where Nikola Tesla was born, the visionary genius without whose work and inventions the world would be a much less developed place, and things like Internet and WiFi would arguably not exist. As a Continue reading

Zipline in Croatia

Man has always dreamed of flying. Freedom, feeling of control, self-confidence is what can overwhelm you when you float through the air and you see nature below you. If you are not afraid of heights and want to have a truly unique experience, we have something for you. Keyword is zipline! What is zipline? It Continue reading