6 perks of travelling with a pocket WiFi

We travel to escape reality. We travel to explore the world without thinking about our work, to go offline and to just enjoy nature and new countries. To experience life to the fullest.

But then again… nowadays we simply have to be connected whenever we want to, so we can check our business email, or to post a status on our social media… and well, a beautiful photo of a place we are currently in. If we enjoy it, why shouldn’t all our friends and followers? 🙂

So the perfect way to always be connected is to use a pocket WiFi. And RoamFreeNinja is exactly that.


So here are the advantages of a pocket WiFi or to be exact – of mighty RoamFreeNinja:

1. The device is so small it fits in your pocket (hence the name) which means it’s light and easy to carry it with you anywhere.

2. It works as a router which means up to 10 devices can connect to it – which is even more affordable since you can share it with your travel mates.

3. It provides unlimited internet access – so no more worrying how many Mb have you spent, how much more will it cost and so on. Now you can carelessly watch a video on Youtube, check and update your social media or use Google Maps.

4. It’s so simple to use – just turn it on, find the network on your desktop or mobile device, enter the password and you are ready to go! No complicated processes, going to telecom shops, talking to clerks who often don’t know your language… you get the device that is all set and ready to use.

5. You don’t have to come to it, it comes to you – during the booking process you tell us where you want your device delivered and it waits for you at the destination.

6. You no longer have to “catch” WiFi in hotels, caffe bars and internet shops. You have your WiFi always with you.

You can book your RoamFreeNinja device here 🙂 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

See you in Croatia! Happy travelling!