Advent in Croatia – Magic of Christmas all around Croatia


First of all, Zagreb is very proud to carry the prestigious recognition of the Best Christmas Market in 2016. And it didn’t stop there – we are competing for the same award in 2017.! 😉
(You can vote for Zagreb here!)

And what are we doing to win it again? 🙂

All around the city centre there are small houses with all sorts of winter foods and drinks. On various points in the city there are different themes, and believe us, it will be hard to choose where to go first.


This is the Christmas route we recommend:

Start at the Advent on European Square, a favorite meeting place for young people where you’ll be surrounded by 1000 hearts. Right next to it is a small street called Kurelčeva ulica, also called disco street where there is the biggest open-air disco this winter. Because the best way to be warmed quickly is to dance like Donna Summer or Bee Gees! Now that you’re warm enough, head down to Advent on Zrinjevac, with 220 trees with Christmas lights, lots of small houses and concerts at the pavilion. Your next stop is King Tomislav square where there is Ice Park, a large ice skating area where you can skate with people from all over the world, or just stand aside and enjoy your cup of mulled wine or hot punch. And if you are hungry, there’s plenty of good food for you to choose from.

Still not enough? Head back to the Main Square and start again 🙂 If you want to buy a souvenir for your loved ones, Christmas Fair at Bogovićeva street is the place to go. You can never go wrong with a handcrafted gift, made by locals. After you spent some money, it’s time to go to Tomićeva street (the street where there is Funicular) where you’ll meet the best and the most interesting Croatian chefs. Then go up on the Upper Town and find Courtyards, hidden from the plain sight but filled with Christmas surprises, concerts, food and drink stands.

You can experience it all in one day (but be aware, it will be overwhelming) or during few days.
Don’t think this is everything, there is lots more of Christmas magic in Zagreb and you can see more info at


If you want to hang around with Santa-bikers, you can find them in Osijek. There is also Wine Festival, where you’ll surely find a wine (or two) you’ll love. Every day there are concerts, food stands in the city centre and Christmas markets worth visiting.

osijek advent



Every year, to the delight of the youngest ones, the Santa Claus train runs through the city centre. Korzo is the place to look for the Christmas magic in Rijeka. There you’ll find concerts, drink stands and special Christmas gastronomic offer. RI Gastro food event is held at this time of year so if you want to eat good food, Rijeka is the place to go!


If you want to know how Diocletian celebrated Christmas, then you have to come to Split! 🙂 Ok, maybe it won’t be the same, but Split will make you feel imperial this Christmas. Various organized concert performances of a capella singers, bands and DJ’s enrich the evening and night hours, making every evening a new adventure hosted by different performers. For all the foodies, Gastro Advent is a unique event for this city under the Marjan hill. And don’t forget your sunglasses for your Christmas strolls around the city 🙂

For more info, go to Advent in Split


We all know Dubrovnik is beautiful in the summer, but it also has its winter charms. Bring your children ice skating rink or to see the Christmas Fairytale play. For the older ones, there is mulled wine, and the whole family can enjoy delicious food in the cottages lined along the main street of Stradun. If you want to dance to to live music, you can do it in front of the Church of St. Blaise. Have fun in the theatre, visit galleries and museums, and learn how to make Dubrovnik’s traditional sweet delicacies. And eat them later, of course 😉



For other Christmas events in Croatia visit Events

Whenever you choose to spend Christmas time in Croatia, we are sure you’ll have a great time!

Happy holidays everyone!