Best mobile internet solution for travelers in Croatia

Unlimited mobile internet for travelers in Croatia

Only once we step out of our own country do we realise that internet may be less accessible than we are used to.

Expensive roaming fees do not allow for carefree usage that you are used to at home.
And actually, that’s just when you need it most.

You want to explore nearby restaurants, beaches, transportation time tables, local facts and history, services, accommodation, you want to share your photos and videos with friends and enjoy their envy comments…

But it all comes down to bare minimum that you manage to do while in your room or a bar with free wifi.

It’s annoying. Yes, you can find Internet connection all around but it’s not there when you really need it and it’s terribly inconvenient once you are used not to think about it any more.

What you want is a real internet, anytime and anywhere. At reasonable price.

If Croatia is your destination country, RoamFree Ninja is there to make you feel at home when it comes to internet access.

It’s a little, pocket size device that you carry around where ever you go and use it as a mobile router. You have your own wifi mobile internet network that you (and your friends!) can connect to with your smart phones and laptops.

Traffic is unlimited and first 75 GB come at full 3G speed – up to 21 Gbits per second. That’s faster than my internet at home!

Whatever you do, you don’t have to think about usage at all. There’s just no option on the market that can compare.

And talking about convenience, all you need is to place an order and get a device delivered for free to location you are going to stay at. It can be your hotel, camp, private accommodation, you can pick it up at airport, at post office. Actually, if you are in Europe, you can even get it home prior to your trip. Once you open, switch it on and that’s it.

You are totally internet independent, no matter where you go. 3G coverage in Croatia exceeded 95% of territory including sea. You can enjoy most beautiful beaches in most remote locations and share it with your friends live and not rush back to hotel to check your email.