Bloggers who wrote about RoamFree Ninja

Our little device has become popular among the travel bloggers and that’s not unusual. It simply makes their life simpler, as they are always on the go, and have to have their wifi always with them, so they can share travel adventures with their followers.

Who are they?

Total Croatia News

They were the first to write about us, and we are very pleased to say we are still collaborating (and drinking beer on a regular basis). Starting as a small blog, now it has become a series of blogs about Croatia, various Croatian cities, wines, sailing,.. Well, it’s the most comprehensive guide about all things Croatia, good and bad, written objectively and telling it as it is.

Chasing The Donkey

Sarah Jane is a full blooded Aussie that moved to Croatia with her husband who has Croatian roots. And now they are spreading their roots here in Croatia and exploring the country.


Mexatia is a blend between Mexico and Croatia, which is what the blog is about, mixture of two countries and two cultures. Whether you want to visit Croatia or Mexico (and why not both) you will get all the info on their blog.


Travel Honestly

As put in here own words, Andrea said: In 2013, I left my successful academic career in the UK and moved back to Croatia. In Croatia, where life is more chaotic but also more soulful, I am finally doing my own thing under my own terms. She is writing posts you won’t find anywhere else and that will make you come to Croatia even sooner than you thought.

JetSetting Fools

An American couple with a love for travel and especially Croatia. They have been travelling for years now and don’t have the intention to stop.

Yuya Matsuo

Yuya is a photographer living all over the world. And he is very fond of Croatia, as he spends not just his days, but his months here.
He also did a great video about Ninja, which you can check it out here:


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