Coffee and Croats – a love story

Croatians love to drink coffee. And we like to drink it for hours. That’s maybe the most confusing thing for foreigners when they see us in our bars, the fact that we don’t just sip coffee fast and then go on with our schedule, we like to savor it.

Why is that? Well, that’s just the Balkan way. No matter how busy we are, we always have time for a coffee. Or two.

Maybe it’s due to the Turkish influences, since every respectful Croat knows how to make Turkish coffee.
So one more benefit of making friends in Croatia is they’ll invite you at their home to share a cup of Turkish coffee.


To go for a coffee means to go for an important meeting, to go on a date, or to go with your best friend and tell her what’s up. We do it all with a cup of coffee.

When in bars, we mostly drink coffee with milk. Hot or cold. If you want a fuller taste, we would recommend coffee with hot milk. Besides that there is espresso, macchiato, white coffee etc.

Here is our little glossary of coffee:

Coffee with milk = Kava s mlijekom
Coffee with hot milk = Kava s toplim mlijekom
Coffee with cold milk = Kava s hladnim mlijekom
White coffee = Bijela kava
… then you have Espresso, Macchiato, etc.