Discover Samobor

Have you heard of Samobor? Probably not. If you have, you are one of the lucky ones.
Samobor is a small town only a few minutes away from Zagreb. You can come to Samobor by bus, from the main Bus Station (Autobusni kolodvor), it will take you less than an hour. If you want to see the timetable on the day you plan that field trip, book your RoamFree Ninja.

Samobor has preserved its medieval presence. With covered bridges, a leakling brook stocked with trout and two-storey red-roofed houses, Samobor looks almost unreal.

Since the town’s city centre is pretty small, the walk will be pleasant. And the main thing you have to do when in Samobor, is fine dining. Samobor has lots of restaurants with domestic food, and believe us, people from Zagreb come to Samobor to eat because the food there is exquisite.

We must warn you about one thing – save space for the dessert. Samobor is famous for its desserts, especially ‘kremšnite’, cake of custard and flaky pastry.

Around the town, there are plenty of places to go hiking, so all those desserts will wear off. Samobor is a mountainous region that offers a wealth of hikes through rolling hills, lush pastures and dense forests.

The only thing left to say is – go & discover Samobor!