Hiking in Croatia

Yes, we all love the sun and the sea. And we know that Croatia has more than a 1000 islands. But this is a different story, this is a story about the mountains in Croatia and people who seek adventure way up, hundreds of kilometers above the sea level. People who enjoy hiking. 

There are over 400 different routes for beginners or expert hikers. Beginners can hike in Zagreb, Ogulin, Split or Omiš, and expert hikers in Velebit, Učka, Dinara or Mosor. And if you are a passionate climber, in the Paklenica National Park you will find Anića Kuk, a 350 metres high massive rock that will leave you speechless.

The best hiking spots in Croatia are Bjelolasica, Risnjak National Park, Northern Velebit, Paklenica and Biokovo Mountain.

Here is our little guide to most beautiful hiking trails:


95km long and has 2 dolomite limestone canyons called Velika (Big) and Mala (Small) Paklenica
Highest peaks are Vaganski vrh 1757 m and Sveto brdo 1753 m
These relatively small area is filled with flora and fauna, as well as various geomorphic structures

How to get there:
The best way to get to the starting point of all the popular trails in Paklenica is to go from Zadar to Starigrad, it will take you around 30min to get to Starigrad.

We recommend:
Velika Paklenica – Anića luka – Lugarnica – Paklenica Mountain Hut
Features on the trail: Paklenica mills, Velika Paklenica Canyon, Anića kuk rock, Lugarnica forest house, Paklenica hut at the foot of mountain villages of Parići & Ramići.

Paklenica Mountain Hut – Ivine vodice – Sveto Brdo
Features on the trail: beech and black pine communities, panoramic views, meadows in rocky grounds, meadow flora, fauna

These are the easier paths, however, if you are an experienced hiker, you can try the more advanced ones.

Photo: Rivijera Paklenica

1594m above sea level – the highest located mountain hut and high-altitude weather station in Croatia
Highest mountain road in Croatia – the „Zavižan road“
We recommend a sleepover on the mountain because you will see the magic of starry sky and being one with the nature

How to get there:
The easiest way is to follow the signs on the highway from Zagreb, Zadar or Split that will get you to Otočac. When you get of the highway, follow the road to Krasno. Make sure you check the weather conditions before you decide to go, as they tend to change quickly.

We recommend:
Premužić trail (Premužićeva staza) – 57km
Features on the trail: pine forests and rocky wastes, amazing view on the islands and the sea on top (Kvarner Riviera), view of distant mountains (Učka, Gorski Kotar). This path is also suitable for hiking beginners since there are no high ascents.

Photo: BestofCroatia
Photo: BestofCroatia

As well as a great walking area Biokovo Mountain Nature Park has over 1,500 plant and animal species. The highest peak in Biokovo is called Sveti Jure (Saint George) that is 1,762m high.

How to get there:
From gas station near the NW entrance to Makarska it’s 3km to crossing where signs will point left towards Vrgorac. The road passes through Gornji Tučepi village.

We recommend:
Sv. Jure trail: Lokva hut – Stropac route – Babina Vrkla
Features on the trail: panoramic view of the islands, pine forest, limestone, vineyards, olives and maraska cherries

Photo: Go Explore Croatia

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Photo: Croatia Tips
Photo: Croatia Tips