How to do romance with RoamFree Ninja

We believe love should be celebrated every day. But we are also glad love has its special holiday… because, like it or not, on February 14, we do pay a bit more attention to the person we love, and we try to make that day a bit more romantic. We decided to help you be more romantic with RoamFree Ninja.

You might ask yourself – what do romance and RoamFree Ninja have in common? And we say – more than you think!

Scenario 1:

You are a couple going through Croatia and it’s Valentine’s Day. You decide to treat your special someone with a nice dinner. Croatia is filled with good restaurants with fabulous food. But first you have to decide where to go. And that’s why you need the internet. Here is Ninja to help you with that. So you Google, you check TripAdvisor and local Facebook pages and you find the restaurant that seems perfect to you. But, you don’t know how to get there. That’s why you need Google Maps. And here is Ninja to help again. Turn on your Ninja, put it in the pocket of your jacket, have your smartphone with Google Maps in one hand and your darling in another and off you go to enjoy your romantic evening <3

RFN Love

Scenario 2:  

You are a couple going through Croatia and it’s Valentine’s Day. And love is all about being spontaneous. So you came up with a plan at the last minute. You will take your special someone somewhere you will be alone and enjoy each other’s company far from the crowded places. It could be a beach, a forest, a mountain, a riverside. Croatia has the perfect natural scenery for lovers. And to get there, you need to rent a car or to check bus schedule. That’s why you have Ninja. And when you finally get there, no one around but you, stars and moon above you, all you need to get the mood just perfect is the music. And again, Ninja is your go-to-device. Just turn it on, go to Youtube and select the music that will set you in the romantic mood.

And to add a bit more sweetness to your date on Valentine’s Day, we offer you this classic quote to tell your loved one (it will work, no matter how cheesy it seems): Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favourite.

And a song to add to your Valentine’s Day playlist: