How to Experience Carefree Winter Holidays in Croatia?

winter holidays in croatia

Winter is knocking on the door, with the first batch of snow for the season. If that’s something that makes you happy, you’re probably making your winter vacation plans right now. You’re reading this, which means only the one thing – you are into winter holidays in Croatia this year. Well, congrats! You won’t be disappointed.

The beauty of winter holidays in Croatia is still undiscovered so it’s less crowded from the Canada, France or Austria and that makes Croatia the perfect on the budget destination. If I got you curious, read on. Here’s the list of must-visit winter adventures in Croatia, I made especially for you.

‘Should I Visit Zagreb During the Winter?’

Yes. Please, visit Zagreb during the winter. It’s the capital of Croatia. In 2016, for the second year in a row, Zagreb is named the best Christmas market in Europe. This year Christmas market in Zagreb takes its place from December 2nd, 2017-January 7th, 2018.

Christmas market in Zagreb

Besides Christmas market, there’s always something going on in Zagreb. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to visit a museum late at night, well past regular visiting hours? If you have, you can join Theatre Night on November 25th. Entry to all participating institutions is free.

If you’re a museum freak, Zagreb got you covered! You can choose anything from archaeology to illusion or broken relationships museum.

Skiing in Gorski Kotar or Sljeme? The choice is yours.

A very popular ski resort in Croatia, Sljeme Medvednica, is located just 10 km away from Zagreb. Each January, world skiing and slalom tournament called Snow Queen Trophy take place there. It was named after the world famous Croatian skier Janica Kostelić.

There are six more skiing resorts in Gorski Kotar (Platak, Begovo Razdolje, Celimbasa, Trsce and Mukinje). The last one is located in the winter Plitvice Lakes National Park. More information on how to get there is available here.

If you decide for a ski resort vacation, this is how you’ll experience carefree winter holiday – stay connected with the group, friends or family, you are traveling with. Though Croatian Mountain Rescue Service is available for Croatian tourists in trouble 24/7, I can bet you’d rather not get lost in the mountains. To assure that, bring the portable pocket wifi with you. That’s the only hotspot that follows you wherever you go and enables you free Internet access anywhere in Croatia.

winter holidays in croatia

The Frozen Waterfalls of Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes is probably Croatia’s most famous national park. Its sweeping natural beauty gets more dazzling in winter when the lakes freeze over. The waterfalls turn to ice and you can imagine you walked through a closet and entered Narnia.

Winter Holiday in Croatia and Carnival Madness in Rijeka

Rijeka Carnival is crazy and unforgettable. All the locals show up on that event so why not you, too? It’s the opportunity for everyone to be whatever they want. During Rijeka Carnival, Zvončari (bellmen) march from village to village chasing away evil spirits and starting the cycle of spring in an ancient pagan tradition recognized by UNESCO. This year’s carnival madness in Rijeka will be held January 17th – February 14th, 2018.

Unforgettable Foodie Experiences in Istria

Istria is on your way when going to Rijeka. It’s famous for the finest gastronomical and foodie experiences and it’s definitely worth visiting. Istria allows you to go out and hunt for your own truffles- accompanied by their adorable truffle hunting dogs. And later you enjoy the meals prepared with truffles. Also, you won’t be mistaken if you choose to eat a fish stew, octopus or fresh oysters. Seafood is especially delicious!

While eating magnificent lunch or dinner, you won’t resist to take a photo of it and share it with friends. 😊 A little advice, rent a mobile Internet during your stay in Croatia. As I said and I can’t emphasize that too much – roaming can be really expensive. Don’t complicate your life by buying local SIM cards and changing phone numbers. Roamfree Ninja offers you the easiest solution in just four steps:

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Enjoy your winter holidays in Croatia and share your experiences! Video call and say hello to your loved ones that stayed at home. Show them what they are missing! 😉 It’s a small country, but it’s definitely worth visiting.