How to flirt in Croatia: summertime guide

You came to Croatia for a vacation. You’ve probably heard that there are lots of pretty women and handsome men here. And you heard right. And the best time to fall in love is summer.

Croatians are usually very friendly and open. But starting a conversation with them, especially with the girls, could be quite a task. They usually hang around with their friends and it could be hard to get into the group. But if you are brave and confident enough, you’ll get far 🙂

When you talk to Croatian girl, please don’t use cheesy lines. They don’t fall for that. They prefer honest and simple communication. As far as the Croatian guys go, they prefer everything, especially cheesy lines 🙂

Croatians love foreigners. That is your advantage. We love exotic. We love to talk to strangers and it seems we are more relaxed around them and more inclined to talk to them rather than to “our”, Croatian people.

Young people in Croatia know English very good, lots of them even some other foreign language.

summer love

Try simple phrases to start with like:

Hi, can you help me? I need to find ATM/pizza place/beach…

Excuse me, do you know where is the neareast ice cream shop/restaurant/beach bar…

And if you see the conversation is going good, you can follow with something like:

Do you want to go swimming with me?

I am going for a cocktail, do you want one?

I am going to a night club here at the beach tonight, do you want to come with me? Or we can meet up there?

As long as you are honest and not to obvious with your flirtations, we are sure you’ll do fine 😉

And of course, bring your RoamFree Ninja with you so you can impress her/him with your pocket wifi. 🙂

The language of love is universal but we hope we helped you seal the deal with your Croatian love 😉