How to spend an awesome Autumn in Croatia

spend an awesome autumn in croatia

Did you know that Croatia is not all about the sea? We sure are proud of the blue beauty called the Adriatic sea. Who wouldn’t be? 🙂
But, Autumn in Croatia also has lots to offer for tourists. I am talking here about spending a really wonderful time in Croatia during Autumn.

Tips on how to spend an awesome Autumn in Croatia

The Autumn here is all about the delicious food. You can choose between the Festival of Istrian Truffles, mushroom picking or the apple days. Croats love to eat and spend time talking about the food. I can guarantee your belly will be full whatever food festival you choose.

The best thing about the Autumn here is that in the October you can eat in the best Croatian restaurants for just 10 euros. Here the October is known for its Restaurant Week. To stay full-fed book a lunch or dinner a few days in front. 🙂

hiking in croatia

After you tasted the best of Croatian gastronomy it is time to burn calories. 🙂 In Croatia hiking is getting more and more popular. If you are a passionate hiker Croatia has a few breathtaking mountains for you.

Start your perfect hike with these three suggestions:

  • Paklenica National Park – the most attractive and most valuable part of the southern slopes of Velebit mountain, easily accessible from Zadar
  • Medvednica – if you are in Zagreb this is your best choice it is only 15 minutes from the Zagreb city center
  • Risnjak National Park – situated near Rijeka with special position that resulted in heterological flora and fauna

Autumn is also the perfect time to visit all Croatian National Parks. It is less crowded and prices are more affordable. Other extra cool things are diverse colors of nature and better Instagram posts due to lower tourist number. 🙂 Here you can count on your pocket wifi friend – Roamfree Ninja and post your photos online instantly. 🙂

For those who are into the film industry and theaters, I suggest visiting:

  • Zagreb Film Festival – one of the most popular international film festivals in the country. It presents over one hundred of the most recent and most interesting films.
  • European Theatre Night – with more plays you can even imagine.

If you decide to come to Zagreb Film Festival (which I warmly recommend) you can book pocket wifi to stay connected and to purchase your tickets for the Festival online.

Here are just a few events and activities you can attend in Croatia and spend an awesome Autumn. So, don’t hesitate to buy the plane ticket, book the accommodation and Roamfree ninja to stay connected while in Croatia. 🙂