It was an amazing trip once I got my Ninja

Roamfree Ninja device

It was an amazing trip. I just wish I had started using RoamFree Ninja sooner.

I arrived in Dubrovnik on time and excited for the city described as “more romantic than Paris and Venice.” The medieval feel of the city walls and the labyrinthine streets were both beautiful and entertaining. I took pictures, I found wonderful small eateries and I explored the city the way that I had always wanted to do.

However, I had no way to share my experiences with my friends and family back home. I had all of these thoughts, photographs and conversations, but I needed Wi-Fi to share them. I loved the historical location and intimate nature of my hotel, but the so-called Wi-Fi connection advertised in the flyer was slow and spotty at best. My phone went into roaming mode, running up extra charges and fees that I had not budgeted in my travel.

I resorted to looking for bars and cafes with free Wi-Fi service, but this took time and distracted me from the relaxation of my trip. I had even planned to stream my favorite television program at night in my room before bedtime, but the poor Internet connection and extra charges were enough to make me skip it this week.

Then I found WiFi Ninja.

At one of my trips to a nearby bar, I saw a flyer advertising the amazing services of WiFi Ninja. It even offered a discount code! I quickly got online, selected my hotel address and my RoamFree Ninja was delivered to my room the very next day.

Once I opened the delivery, all I had to do was switch on the device, and I had instant access to high speed Internet without roaming fees via the 3G WiFi Ninja hotspot. It was great!

Even better, I took the RoamFree Ninja with me through on trips to Plitvice Lakes National Park and Zadar. The Internet connection was never broken, and it was always fast. At the end of my trip, I just put the wifi Ninja in an envelope, and it was shipped back, no hassle for me.

The WiFi Ninja changed my trip. I was able to access the Internet just like I was at home, sharing my trip and my experiences quickly and easily, and it was only 8 Euros a day! I just wish I had started my Croatia experience with the RoamFree Ninja; I will next time I visit.

Beautiful waterfall in the Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia