RoamFree Ninja on RSVP event

Roamfree Ninja was delighted to take part in the recent RSVP event in Croatia, the first event of its kind in the country which brought together experts in the event industry from all over the region. The focus of the gathering was on presentations and panels on how to educate and improve the the event Continue reading

Comparing data roaming options for tourists coming from USA to Croatia

As our article about Thailand data roaming options in Croatia had great response from our customers from Thailand, we decided to continue the series with other countries. Third in the series is USA. We took four most popular mobile service providers from the US and looked into their data roaming options for users traveling abroad. AT&T AT&T offers, Continue reading

How to connect to internet while in Croatia

We talked to you to see how visitors in Croatia connect to the internet. Not much to our surprise, roaming is still a pain point for tourists and business visitors alike. Free WiFi hunting While not as fun as a safari, or bird watching for that matter, hunting for WiFi has quite a lot in Continue reading

Pocket WiFi hotspot vs Prepaid data SIM card – what to choose?

For travelers visiting Croatia, there is a number of short term internet solutions available. Ranging from using your own domestic network’s roaming packages to buying a local prepaid data sim card or hunting for open WiFi networks – some are more reliable, some less. And then, there is the easy way – WiFi mobile hotspot Continue reading