Summer in the city – Split

Ok, so Split is one of those cities that is crowded with tourists every summer. Thousands and thousands of them each day.

But most of them visit Split just as a transit station. They go to the islands and they rarely stop to see Split a bit better.

That’s why this summer take a closer look at Split. Here is why:

Split Summer Festival

Starts in the middle of June and lasts until the mid September. Includes various events, such as: Festival of Street Performers, Classical Concerts in the Diocletian’s Palace Substructures and Concert Programme on the Riva. Something for everyone 🙂

The Nights of Diocletian

Days of Diocletian bring Split back in time when the famous Roman emperor Diocletian walked the city.Roman legions are lined on the city streets, Emperor Diocletian, together with a parade of the Roman legions and carriages is passing Riva and Peristyle where Diocletian co-rulers with his family greet the crowd.
Sounds of fanfares, drums and Roman music are in the city. In the city center and on streets, along with street performers, you can enjoy concert and dance program and rich gastronomic offer from the time of Emperor Diocletian.

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Also not to miss is Battle of Pirates in Omiš. In one segment of their history the pirates of Omiš ruled the Adriatic Sea. Every fleet feared their attack. They were particularly “fond” of the Venetian ships which they frequently intercepted along the route to their trading destinations. And the tradition still lives, even for one night and even just for the show.

When exploring Split and its surroundings, don’t forget to bring RoamFree Ninja!