Summer in the city – Zagreb

Summer is usually the first stop of everyone heading down to the coast during the summertime. And they all can’t wait to get to the seaside.

But don’t discard Zagreb just yet. There is plenty to see here during the summer. You see, one of the perks of being in Zagreb when the weather is hot is that there is not a lot of people here. So you can find a parking space easier, there is always a spot even in the crowded places and it feels like everything is somehow there for you, just waiting for your visit.

First, there is Summer on Stross: Strossmartre. Every day a new concert, every day kids’ stuff, every day something different. So whenever you come, you won’t be disappointed.

Just beneath Strossmartre is Art Park Festival so you can easily check it out once you are there.

Very cool thing are summer Courtyards (Dvorišta). You go from one courtyard to another in Gornji grad (Upper Town) and enjoy the festivities, have a drink or two, just to cool down a bit, and then of to the next courtyard and repeat the process.

Photo: Total Croatia News
Photo: Total Croatia News


You can check the Zagreb Summer programme here:

Also, to be sure you are in the right place at the right time, use your RoamFree Ninja and check the itinerary and use a map to guide you.