The Food Guide for Christmas Market in Zagreb 2017

Third time in a row, the Christmas market in Zagreb is titled to be the best Christmas market in Europe. That could be so because of a huge gourmet offer until the late-hours, that takes place on Zagreb streets this time of the year.

If you’re a foodie, consider visiting Zagreb. Interesting flavors of Croatian cuisine will surprise you! It’s not just mulled wine and chestnuts. The best Croatian restaurants are taking their part in the Zagreb Christmas market and here’s the list of the top five things you should taste.

Soparnik – Croatian traditional chard pie

Christmas market in Zagreb

Poljički soparnik (photo credit:

Soparnik is a traditional Dalmatian dish, hundreds of years old. The most famous and praised is Poljički soparnik. Its origins, centuries ago, are from modern-day Omiš and the surrounding areas which were once part of the Poljica Republic. Soparnik has been declared as an intangible cultural heritage of Croatia.

Its simple ingredients made it available to the poor. Delicious, crispy dough, soft, aromatic filling: swiss chard, onions, and garlic, with a dash of salt and a splash of olive oil. As simple as all the best things in life are.

Location: ‘Morska vila’ at Strossmayer square

Price: 10 kn

Sarma – traditional cabbage rolls


Street sarma (photo credit:

Sarma is cooked by using pickled cabbage leaves, ground meat, rice, and seasonings. The genuine sarma looks like a stew; it can’t be eaten without using a spoon. That was a bit of challenge that T&T restaurant met when they decided to put sarma on their Christmas offer. But they thought it through and came up with the innovative concept of serving sarma in a bun. Tourists absolutely love it!

Location: King Tomislav square and Strossmayer square

Price: 28 kn

Hand Crafted Gourmet Sausages by Rougemarin

hot dog

Hand Crafted Gourmet Sausages (photo credit:

It’s a special Rougemarin’s offer for the Christmas market in Zagreb only. There are four kinds:

  • Veal hot dog with pickled cucumbers and the sauce of your choice
  • Chorizo sausage with onion marmalade and tomato salsa
  • French sausage with pickled cabbage, crispy bacon, and dijon mustard
  • Lamb sausage with tzatziki sauce and black olives tapenade

To our great misfortune, they will not be available after that. If that’s not motivating you to visit Rougemarin, I don’t know what will.

Location: Strossmayer square  and Gradec plateau

Price: around 30 kn

Fritule – little Croatian doughnuts


Fritule ‘Apple Pie’ (photo credit:

For the ones with a sweet tooth Christmas market in Zagreb is offering fritule. They are a popular sweet among both – Croatians and tourists. Usually eaten sprinkled with a sugar and cinnamon or topped with melted chocolate.

This year Christmas market in Zagreb (thanks to the Time Pastry Shop) has fritule with a modern twist. The dough is stuffed with apples and vanilla cream and it’s a huge hit. People were talking about it even before Zagreb Christmas market opening.

Location: Strossmayer square

Price: 20 kn

Hot Winter Cocktails Will Warm You Up At Christmas Market in Zagreb

Hot tea with alcohol, for adults only (photo credit:

After all that eating, it’s time for a drink. There is a wide variety of beers, punches and mulled wine is on every corner. But if you’d like to experience new flavors, visit T&T (that’s the place that offers street sarma I mentioned earlier) and try some hot tea flavored with alcohol and chili flakes.

Another place with awesome hot drinks to warm you up is the Swanky bar, located at plateau Gradec. Say hello to your new friends: Swanky Rum Punch, Hot Art Gin, Hot Mule and winter champagne cocktails.

I know you’ll find a place in your stomach to try out these delicious meals and drinks. Good news! Many restaurants organize giveaways on a weekly basis so there is a good chance to win your meal or a drink for free. Check them up online.

P.S. If you don’t have Internet access, RoamFree Ninja can save you from roaming charges while exploring Christmas market in Zagreb.