Visiting Croatia – stay connected via mobile WiFi without roaming

RoamFree Ninja WiFI Hotspot

If you are planning a trip to Croatia, RoamFree Ninja can help you stay online on the go, without exorbitant roaming charges and hassle free. Simply book our private and secure mobile WiFi hotspot and off you go – worry free!

Croatia is a land of beautiful nature, warm and friendly people and thousands of sights to explore and things to do. Each year, more than ten million people visit Croatia to enjoy the pristine beaches, hop between its thousand islands, relish the authentic Croatian cuisine and marvel at the architectural wonders that stood the test of time in this wonderful land.

However, the world has changed rapidly in recent years, no longer do we feel comfortable cut off from our digital lives even when surrounded with such pure, unspoiled beauty! We live in an age of constant communication – we write, share, talk and document everything. We go on vacations and take photos, shoot videos and blog our experiences, we are used to almost instant sharing with the people we care about.

We have grown reliant on our smartphones and WiFi connections, both in our business and private lives. All of this is not always possible when we are abroad – without a reliable and affordable internet connection we are stuck back in the ’90ies (cue random Britney Spears or Oasis song).

RoamFree Ninja takes care of this little, yet so important detail for you while you are visiting Croatia. Our pocket MiFi hotspot creates an instant private WiFi connection at a touch of a button, and lets you connect up to ten devices in seconds. Once you book and give us your desired delivery location (your place of stay, hotel, camp?) or choose a pickup location, we take care of everything for you and you can feel at ease. RoamFree Ninja device supports all smartphones, laptops and tablets that have Wi-Fi capabilities and our superb mobile network makes sure you are always surfing at top speed, without worry about roaming or data limits.

When you book, you can rest assured that our generous data plan, with up to 75 GB of mobile internet traffic for weekly rents, will tend to all your needs from business calls on Skype and emails to calling your loved ones on Viber and sharing those precious moments on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to catching that next episode of your favorite show! Take your Ninja to the beach, to one of the national parks or just sit in a bar and soak in the surroundings, we got you covered!