Where to shop in Zagreb?

Our capital city has plenty of places to shop, especially in the city centre. So if you are in tourist in Zagreb, you won’t have any problems spending your money on some interesting stuff 🙂

Years ago, Ilica was the main shopping street, but things have changed. As far as the groceries go, there are plenty of bigger and smaller supermarkets around the city centre, just look for Billa or Konzum.

Of course, you have to visit Dolac, it’s the most famous market in Zagreb. There is always fresh food here. And everyone knows that here you’ll find the freshest fish in Zagreb, although we are quite a long way from the sea 🙂

You should also visit Take Me Home (address: Tomićeva 4), a store that promotes Croatian design. And if you want to buy something stylish and Croatian, buy Startas shoes at Borovo shop (address: Preradovićeva 16). Vogue likes them, maybe you will too 😉

Photo: Borovo.hr
Photo: Borovo.hr


There are also plenty of Croatian designer shops around the city centre, you just have to take a good look at the shop windows and enter to find your next, not so typical souvenir.

And regarding typical souvenirs – you can find them around Zagreb Cathedral, or around Main square (Ban Jelačić square).

Have fun in Zagreb!